Erster Halt: Domplatz

Erster Halt: Domplatz22 September 23

Erster Halt: Domplatz

Der Domplatz in St. Pölten wird Ausstellungsort der Tangente. Internationale renommierte Künstler*innen entwickeln Arbeiten, die Bezug auf die Geschichte dieses Ortes nehmen. Archäologische Untersuchungen brachten die Reste eines römischen Bades und einen 900 Jahre alten Friedhof zu Tage.

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Credit: Christian Philipp Müller

Credit: Christian Philipp Müller8 September 23

Bringing life into the living room

Upon invitation of Tangente, Christian Philipp Müller aims to invigorate the redesigned Domplatz with artistic interventions and imbue it with new meaning. Thomas Miessgang on the Swiss artist and his work.

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Credit: Bea Borgers

Credit: Bea Borgers20 March 23

The St. Pölten Tribunal

The destructive potential of globalisation unfolds without regard for any borders. Milo Rau’s opera Justice cross-examines an environmental catastrophe in the Congo as if in a courtroom. Lessons from these events can easily be learned in Austria, too. Ronald Pohl on the Swiss theatre star and his spectacular project for Tangente.

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Credit: Jürgen Völkl

Credit: Jürgen Völkl20 March 23

Curatorial Statement

For Tangente festival, Joanna Warsza, curator for fine arts, is developing an exhibition in collaboration with the river. From 30 April to 6 October, the work of thirty artists can be seen along the waters of St. Pölten. Read the curator's first statement here.

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14 June 23

Join our team!

For our interdisciplinary festival with inclusive and ecological focus, we are looking for we are looking for support in the area of Hospitality & Guest Relations, a Technical Director and Helping Hands as soon as possible. Apply now or tell a friend!

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Credit: Jürgen Völkl

Credit: Jürgen Völkl20 March 23

Making the Invisible Visible

“Art is a language that tells alternative stories about our time. A language that transfers matters-of-fact to new contexts, that interrupts and upends,” says Joanna Warsza. Lorena Moreno Vera and Ala Glasner outline the concepts and principles that guide the curator’s work on Tangente’s Fine Arts programme.

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Credit: Jürgen Völkl

Credit: Jürgen Völkl26 June 23

We want to establish a festival for contemporary culture. Nothing more, nothing less.

Christoph Gurk has been working on the realisation of a diverse and multidisciplinary festival programme from 2021 to June 2023. More on the programme and why is it worth visiting St. Pölten.

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Credit: Philip Frowein

Credit: Philip Frowein

First Highlights

In cooperation with the Festspielhaus St. Pölten and the Landestheater Niederösterreich, Tangente presents the first productions from the fields of theatre, dance, and music. We will announce the complete programme in November 2023.

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Credit: Lorena Moreno Vera

Credit: Lorena Moreno Vera

Art Parcours

The Art Parcours is a walk curated by Joanna Warsza and her team. Everyone is invited to discover St. Pölten in a new way. The focus is placed on water and the city’s two rivers – the Traisen and the Mühlbach. Along these waters, different works by approximately 30 Austrian and international artists will explore the festival themes: ecology, democracy, and memory.

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Credit: Anna Netouschek

Credit: Anna Netouschek


Already in the run-up to the festival, the TangenteStadtprojekte reach out to the people of St. Pölten. Together, we will deal with topics that are of special importance for this place and its inhabitants. Artistic interventions, discussion formats, walks, and workshops invite you to participate and speak your mind, to exchange and network.

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Credit: Christian Philipp Müller

Credit: Christian Philipp Müller


The Domplatz in St. Pölten will be one of the main Tangente exhibition venues. A cast of reputable artists are developing works that engage with the history of the site. Archaeological investigations have brought to light the remains of a Roman bath and a 900-year-old cemetery. The first artist invited by Tangente is the Swiss conceptual artist Christian Philipp Müller. His artistic intervention can be seen at the end of September 2023.

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Our Mission

Tangente St. Pölten is a multi-disciplinary, socially inclusive, and ecologically oriented festival that takes a social-critical approach. It is targeted toward a local, regional, and international public.

The project is the follow-up to the application for the title of “Cultural Capital of Europe” and is financed in equal measure by the State of Lower Austria and the City of St. Pölten. Topics of global relevance are developed from the city and its history and made tangible. This makes Tangente St. Pölten unique. Art enables people to share surprising, formative, and long-resonating experiences together. This creates a public realm in which everyone feels invited to meet, exchange ideas, debate, and celebrate - and perhaps even to dream of other worlds together. In times of global crises, the future is increasingly observed as a threat. Tangente St. Pölten is concerned with the question of how we can regain the capacity to act and be creative. This is how the visionary, imaginative, and utopian power of art finds its purpose. The goal is to achieve a programme of high artistic quality. The focus is on the visual and dramatic arts, performance, music, and literature. A variety of socio-cultural projects will mobilise the city's community. People from St. Pölten, guests from near and far, will have the experience of being involved in the festival's events.

Background & History

The joint application made by St. Pölten and the State of Lower Austria for the title of “European Capital of Culture 2024” has laid the foundation and framework for the continuing development of St. Pölten as a cultural centre. This will have visibility far beyond the region into neighbouring countries. The initiative was not simply imposed through politics “from on high”, but came from the heart of society itself, out of which emerged a broad spectrum of cultural policy initiatives that continue to have an effect beyond the application process. St. Pölten and the State of Lower Austria, for example, have committed to implementing a series of plans and projects to strengthen the cultural infrastructure. With Tangente St. Pölten, a festival of contemporary arts and culture has now been established. With a view to the year 2024, the festival will bring together the activities of institutions and civil-society stakeholders in a joint presentation that is synchronised in its art and content.

Community & Outreach

As part of the Tangente St. Pölten, sustainable artistic projects, the aim of which is to respond directly to local interests, needs, and infrastructure, will be created across all genres. The goal is to initiate interaction between residents of the city of St. Pölten and the artists of the festival's programme through all phases of the project. Even before the official festival period begins, St. Pölten residents and interested persons are invited to share their knowledge of and access to the city, to network, and to collaborate with regional and international artists from the worlds of dance, theatre, literature, and art. The offer also applies especially to members of structurally disadvantaged population groups. In workshops, discussions, or radio programmes, we want to explore the city and enter into a dialogue: How do we want to make a difference? How do we want to work? How is the digital present changing our everyday lives? And with what consequences for the environment, society, and our bodies? How do we want to feel? What is the scent of the past? How do we want to remember? And above all, how can the global challenges of our times be experienced through concrete local realities?

Do you want to participate and become part of the festival? If you are interested, please contact us at office@tangente-st-poelten.at. We look forward to hearing ideas and having an exchange.


Tarun Kade

Head of Curator Team, Program and Production Dramaturgy

Angelika Schopper

Managing Director

Stefan Mitterer

Financial Director

Mine Bayazit

Assistance to the head of the curatorial team

Ines Müller

Assistant to the Management

Sonja Wieser-Zippe

Office Management

Joanna Warsza

Curator Fine Arts

Lorena Moreno Vera

Assistant Curator Fine Arts

Magdalena Chowaniec

Curator and Community Outreach Stadtprojekte

Muhammet Ali Baş

Curator and Community Outreach Stadtprojekte

Andreas Fränzl

Curator Stadtprojekte

Verena Schäffer

Head of Production

Claire Granier Blaschke

Production Management

Ala Glasner

Production Management

Anna Sonntag

Production Management

Franziska Winkler

Production Management

Marlies Eder

Project Coordination

Erwin Klinglhuber

Head of Marketing

Andreea Dosa

Online Marketing

Christoph Hausner

Online Marketing

Benedikt Wolfsberger

Marketing Intern

Reinhard Hagen

Technical Consultant

Philipp Sedlacek

Technical Coordination

Bettina Masuch

Artistic Advisory Board

Marie Rötzer

Artistic Advisory Board

Constanze Eiselt

Artistic Advisory Board


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