Participate in "Shared Landscapes - seven pieces between fields and forests"!

25 April 23

What if the landscape became a theater? What if art did not depict the environment, but allowed us to experience it together? We are looking for six people for interviews for the theater project "Shared Landscapes" by Caroline Barneaud Stefan Kaegi. Be part of it!

Credit: Léonard Rossi
Credit: Léonard Rossi

From early afternoon until sunset, the audience will walk together through fields and forests to discover 7 short pieces, 7 variations of the landscape: sound pieces between the trees, living musical sculptures, a choreographic audio tour, an entertaining picnic, philosophical and documentary pieces.

Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll), will conduct conversations with selected local participants in June 2023, using a special recording technique to create an audio piece. The audience will listen to this piece in May 2024, lying on the ground between the tree roots in a forest nearby St. Pölten - with a view to the sky.

For the recording of interviews in the St. Pölten area is looking for the Tangente St. Pölten - Festival for Contemporary Culture six people for an interview:

→ a psychoanalyst
→ a professional forester
→ an 8-12 year old child who enjoys talking to adults
→ a meteorologist
→ an actress-singer
→ a person who slept or had to sleep in the forest


Available for approx. 6-8 hours by appointment during the period 5.– 9.6.2023.

Willingness to freely discuss various topics while being moderated by the director.

Setting: the interviews will be recorded in a relaxed atmosphere in the forest with all background noise, on the ground, in a lying position. 

Consent to be recorded while speaking and answering questions.


This is a paid opportunity.

If you are speaking German and interested in participating, please contact Claire Granier Blaschke no later than 9.05.2023.

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